Monday, January 29, 2007

HI Idol: The Gateway to be Different

By hey2oot

There are times when we feel like we are just a brick in the wall, bearing little significance. Bound by cement and just like any other brick, we long for an avenue to express ourselves; to have our individual talents recognised.

HIHS is organising a talent feature programme, HI Idol, in which students gifted in singing and performing are encouraged to take part. Mounting the stage, to many, represents harsh fluorescent lighting beating down on the body that is fast diffusing into the atmosphere at the very same time! However, Anne Neo from 2 Charity begs to differ. "To me, it is a form of communication with the audience" was her explanation of what a stage performance meant to her.

So what else do the rest have to say about HI Idol? Is this competition beneficial to us, an event to be enjoyed by all? Or will it simply bring to mind what some would call "exposing the harrowing elements of secondary school life"? A few opted for neutrality. Many others developed a more opinionated complex. One believes that it presents students a chance to "realise their potential and shine".

Having said all that, perhaps HI Idol is not just a showcase of talents? Perhaps it is meant to remind us that we are all different in our own unique ways? Perhaps it is meant to instil in us the need for a greater appreciation of the performing arts?

Perhaps it is meant to help us come to a realisation that we are more than just a brick in the wall.


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