Saturday, February 3, 2007

"More information, please!"

By misteryeo

Quite a few visitors to this blog have indicated that they would like to have more information about the entire event through our first online poll (Are you excited about HI Idol?), so here is some for everyone to chew on:

1. The Result of the HI Idol 2007 Logo & Set Design Competition

UPDATED: The result of this competition will be announced on 16 February, which is also the day our school celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year (CLNY). Our Principal Mrs. Pauline Wong will be presenting the prize to the creator(s) of the winning entry in the morning.

2. Registration of Singers in February

UPDATED: The Publicists of the HI Idol Student Media Team will overseeing the registration of singers at a booth set up (probably near the General Office, venue to be confirmed) on 16 February too, during the CLNY Carnival. Registered singers will be given information about the 1st round of auditions to be held in March. For example:

Every singer will perform an English or a Mandarin song of his/her choice without musicial accompaniment during his/her auditions.

In addition, students who are interested in HI Idol in any way should visit the booth. You are welcome to speak to any Publicist or teacher (including myself) on duty to find out more about the entire event.

The registration of singers does not end on 16 February. Singers can still register for the singing competition at the same booth from 21 to 23 February.

3. Registration of Master-of-Ceremonies (MCs) in February

The Publicists will also be registering students who are keen to host events related to HI Idol, including the 2 rounds of auditions and the Grand Finals, on the same day. Very simply:

MCs host events involving HI Idol contestants and get the crowd working in between performances. Best of all, they get to announce the results of the HI Idol 2007 Grand Finals!

Registered students will given information about the auditions to be held in late February.

Last but not least, do visit the webpage Netiquette @ idolise, if you have yet to do so. Thanks!


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