Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Official Word (According to the Vice-Principal)

Words & photo by massiffx

"Tough" would be the word to describe my interview with Miss Christina Michael, usually addressed by her appointment VP (Vice-Principal). But fortified with perseverance, I finally got through to her after an arduous 'chase' of five days. I find her answers enlightening and constructive. Students who are deciding to sign up for the singing competition should definitely read on.

idolise: Why did the school decide to approve HI Idol 2007?

Miss Michael: It stems from the belief that there are many forms of intelligence - logical, visual, musical, kinesthetic, etc. In school, we often are too focused on certain types of intelligence - we don't devote enough time or resources on developing the other forms of intelligence. We also know we have very talented students in our midst (teachers as well!!)…So why not create an opportunity for students to showcase their musical talents? Hence, its support of HI Idol.

idolise: In what ways does it benefit the student body?

Miss Michael: Why do we always have to idolize pop stars from other parts of the world? Why don't we start by looking within our school for undiscovered talent? The way the event is structured, students with some potential are given training by professionals before their appearances in the Grand Finals. This is thanks to the support of our sponsors, members of the HI Old Students Association.

idolise: Do you think it is worthwhile to sign up for it? Why?

Miss Michael: Even if you have little talent, it's great exposure. Just going through the paces in the various rounds or getting involved in the background work are learning experiences. For the participants, the pressure of performing and training helps build up confidence and composure. Only those who can take the "heat" will shine in the Finals. So everyone involved in the event in some way benefits, not just the winners.

idolise: If you were a student of HIHS, would you do the same? What are your reasons in doing so?

Miss Michael: Unfortunately, I don't have that much talent in singing. During my school days, a few friends and I did go for school-based talent quests though. It was more for the fun of it than anything else. After all, school's not just about books and tests.

idolise: What can we expect from the competition?

Miss Michael: We can expect to see many winners emerge, not just one. We can expect loads of fun, great showmanship, lots of kinship, some glitches, some tears and some frazzled nerves.

idolise: What qualities do you think the winner should possess?

Miss Michael: Oodles and oodles of confidence, a tremendous learning attitude, a dollop of talent, a dash of humility and at the core, an ability to think on the spot. It's probably confidence and composure that will distinguish the winner from the other contestants.

idolise: In your opinion, what do you think is the X-Factor?

Miss Michael: Knowing how to "play to the stands". Being able to understand what the audience want and enjoy, and giving them that and more. It's all about knowing how to win its support.

idolise: Are you excited about HI Idol 2007? What Habits of Mind do you think the contestants will display?

Miss Michael: Of course there's excitement; there's also apprehension that it may be too much work on the part of teachers and organizers. With every step of the way, all Habits of Mind will be practiced.

idolise: What do you have to say to students who are interested in signing up? Any advice?

Miss Michael: Please perform before your friends and family before entering the auditions and listen to their advice. Listen to yourself with honesty - if you think you don't have what it takes, don't be too hard on yourself. For those who do have some talent, use this as an opportunity for learning and development.


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