Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Him Or Her?

Words & photos by bluefreakgirl

On the eve of the 2nd Round Auditions, idolise presents bluefreakgurl's personal recount of the 1st Round, Day 1:

5 April 2007

A warm hug from a friend. (:

At 2.35pm, I arrived at the School Library. My first reaction was whoa! A long line of students had formed outside the library; they were the aspiring singers were waiting for further instructions. I was ushered into the library as I had my official pass on. Soon, singers began to fill the library. With each singer given a number, they waited anxiously for their turn. One by one, they went in and come out. Some either showed no emotion or smiled. Others simply shrugged and said "Wildcard" when I asked them how their auditions had gone.

Is she your next HI Idol?

One girl was asked to return to the Audition Room by the judges, Ms. Jill Lee and Mr. Maran. She then sang again! Ernawati Sulasteri from 3 Faith was that special girl. Before her audition, she was a nervous wreck. This was what she had to say before her audition: "I feel very nervous but I will do my best." Nervousness did not turn up; Sulasteri sang beautifully.

When interviewed, Nicholas Bong from 1 Hope told me that he had gotten a Wildcard. "I felt nervous before entering the room. Now I'm worried because I'm not sure if I can get in." Others who were given the green light had gleeful words to share. "I was very happy and I was screaming for joy, from the inside." Stephanie Lee of 1 Unity quipped. Well, if you were to scream in the library, you'd get kicked out. ;)

Airil, the A-B-C man.

Of the people who had gotten the Wildcard, one singer stood out from the rest. He was quite satisfied with the verdict from the judges. When asked if he had done a good job, Muhd. Airil of 3 Integrity said, "No, I didn't come prepared. I entered the competition merely to accompany my friend. Beside, I was actually planning to sing the A-B-C song!" The alphabet song?! That can't be true!

Compared to Day 2, the first day was livelier. I poked my nose into many people's business on both days, and left the library tired but happy with the knowledge that Holy Innocent's High School was brimming with singing talent. Before I sign out, I would like to congratulate the singers who got through to Round 2. To those who didn't, don't be discouraged. I'm sure you will realise your true talent someday.

Okay, I have said enough! I will sign out with a favourite tagline of both Ms. Jill Lee and Mr. Maran:

"You have the voice."


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