Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Official Launch Of HI Idol 2007

Words by dreadnought18
Photos by massiffx

dreadnought18 relives the Official Launch of HI Idol 2007.

The launch was a huge success. Campus Superstar 2006 judge Mr. Peter Tan graced the event. Held in the school hall full of enthusiastic students, the air charged with excitement. After all, we seldom get to see performances as good as what was lined up on l6 February 2007.

The dancers of the HIHS Modern Dance Club kicked things off synchronized and dazzling hip-hop moves, which drew louder cheers. The cheers turned into applause when the emcees for the day, Justin (4 Diligence '07), Joan and Xinhui (both from 4 Humility '07) took the stage. Infected by the enthusiasm of the emcees, everyone was also getting his or her groove on.

That's him! :)

The emcees' introduction of Mr. Tan, affectionately addressed as "Peter Lao Shi", was accompanied by whistles. He has released his latest album 萬語千言 recently, which can be still purchased from Ms. Jacqueline Nai at SGD$15. More importantly, he came to HIHS to help launch HI Idol 2007!

Mr. Tan serenaded the audience with his melodious voice, prompting some students to wave their hands in the air and others to clap along. Midway through his second song, he received a bouquet of flowers from three admirers.

All in all, Mr. Tan's repertoire of songs - English, Chinese & Tamil - was impressive, and his ability to pull off a Michael Buble left us awestruck. Many of us were clearly enjoying ourselves. After Stefanie Sun's 眼神, he offered aspiring singers some insightful advice before leaving the stage. His words of encouragement would have left a deep impression on most of them. It was the best way to wrap up his enjoyable concert, surely.

HI Idol 2007 looks to be on the road to success.


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