Sunday, February 25, 2007

HI Idol 2007 Official Registration: Day 1

Words by kyla & attitude-pr
Photos by massiffx

Publicists Malvina (left) & Jolyn attend to visitors to the Registration Booth

Friends look on as another 'victim' falls for the 'scam'

The Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations took place in school 2 Fridays ago. However, that wasn't the only major event of 16 February. Another that many students of HIHS were looking forward to took place that particular day - The registration of singers for HI Idol 2007!

The Registration Booth set up at the Parade Square attracted the attention of many. Be it Lower Secondary or Upper Secondary students, everyone were very enthusiastic about this event. Curious onlookers were also spotted in the vicinity.

Many who visited the booth comprised interested singers who thought they have potential to become the new HI Idol and came to register for the singing competition. However, the registration process didn't just stop at aspiring singers. Emcees were also registered to host upcoming HI Idol related events. In a nutshell, the response from everyone was simply overwhelming!

Mr. Peter Tan, a famous music teacher who has groomed many talented singers such as Stefani Sun and served as one of the judges for Campus Superstar 2006, performed in the hall later that day. He sung 3 melodious songs, 2 from his latest album, which had everyone clapping away and cheering him on. After his amazing performance, we feel that students of HIHS are now more enthusiastic about HI Idol than ever before.

Mr. Tan's newest album 萬語千言 can be purchased from any Publicist for an amazing price of $15 (it retails for $16.50 or above in major music stores). Don't miss this golden chance and show your support by purchasing his album now!

Lastly, here's a message to all aspiring singers and enthusiastic emcees: Please remember to submit your forms to any Publicist by Monday, 26th February! Best of luck to everyone! (:


At February 25, 2007 at 7:46 PM , Blogger Peisi said...

Great to see that so many people are so keen into this upcoming HI idol, it's kinda out of my expectation. I thought the kids would not be that interested. Haha. But they proved me wrong. YOU ARE AWESOME HIHS!! To those who will be competing, do us HIHS proud. Good luck everyone! Each and everyone stands a chance to win, just do your best.

Looking forward to the finals in june. If i've no lesson that day, i'll surely drop by to give my best support. GOOD LUCK!!!



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