Monday, April 9, 2007

Unleash Your Potential As An Emcee

Words by Tze Jie
Photos by bluefreakgirl

Wit, confidence and articulation. These are some qualities of a good emcee. On 7 March 2007, they were on display during the "hunt" for potential emcees to host various events of our school's very own music extravaganza – HI Idol. Secondary 4 students Joan, Justin and Xinhui served as judges.

The judges enjoying themselves along the way! (:

Out of the other fifteen students who turned were several uncut diamonds. "So unfair, so nervous," giggled bubbly Michelle Leong from 4 Diligence, who was the first to face the judges. Michelle appeared inexperienced, but she sure pulled through with a decent performance. From where I was seated, I could tell that she was trying very hard to stifle all shenanigans and concentrate on her audition. To her credit, she did fairly well.

King of all emcees?

Next up was Andi from 3 Faith. He was very much the "boomer" and perhaps the loudest of them all. Being a "boomer" isn't necessarily a bad thing, but to me it became quite annoying. Well, in my opinion, an emcee need not "boom". Ryan Seacrest is an excellent example. However, Andi still met the judges' expectations – the fluency and power – so hats down to him!

Then came Anne Marie (3 Unity), Jie Ying (3 Humility), Wayne (4 Humility), Issac (3 Faith) on and so forth. Some were clear and precise, whereas others appeared unobtrusive and rather – unfortunately – shy. Folks like Anne Marie were exuberant and responsive to cues supplied by the judges, embodying good emceeing.

I felt some students had faced much fewer setbacks during their respective routines because they were more experienced. Nonetheless, it is still up to the boisterous and encouraging judges to decide who's in and who's...well, obviously not. All in all, everyone did well. So when you think of emceeing in the future, think wit, confidence, articulation...and Holy Innocents' High School.


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