Sunday, February 18, 2007

Now We Have It Too - HI Idol

By kyla & attitude-pr

America has American Idol, the singing competition that has groomed many talents such as Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia, whose stars have all risen to astounding heights.

Singapore has Singapore Idol, which has also uncovered talents such as Taufik Batisah and Hady Mirza.

And now, Holy Innocents' High School too has one - HI Idol - for pupils with great singing talent. Being new and fresh to everyone in school, HI Idol, has caused quite a stir. Everyone has an opinion of this competition, be it bad or good. For this entry, we obtained the opinions of several students and teachers.

Ms Chong Yong Shing was all thumbs-up when asked about how she feels about HI Idol:

"I am very excited. I want to hear for myself the singing talents of HI students. I think that the winner of HI Idol will probably be an Upper Secondary boy... But I will definitely support the girls!"

And Ms Jill Lee was ecstatic when interviewed:

"I can't wait for the auditions to begin! I'm really pleased with the amount of money the sponsors has actually pumped in us so far. Upper Secondary students definitely stand a higher chance of winning it...because they're older and probably have more singing experience."

Mrs Chang Poh Joo was more than happy to accept our interview:

"HI Idol sounds fun and interesting! I think an Upper Secondary student will win it. The singer's maturity will be a big factor."

While teachers had only positive things to say about HI Idol, some students begged to differ and offered somewhat negative but constructive comments.

Huang Tai Yang of 2 Humility was excited about the launch of HI Idol! But she wasn't too happy with one thing:

"I want to be able to watch every stage of HI Idol LIVE, instead of just the Grand Finals. In this way, some students who are not interested in HI Idol at first will soon begin to look forward to the next stage. And I think an Upper Secondary boy will win the competition. If not, a Lower Secondary girl."

Ng Yu Jun, who is also from 2 Humility, only had this to say about the future winner of HI Idol.
"I think an Upper Secondary girl will definitely win it!"

Derrick Lim from 1 Integrity seemed confused:

"I don't know... I think HI Idol is good and bad in different ways. An Upper Secondary student will win it? I don't know!"

Although people have different opinions when it comes to HI Idol, we know that in time to come, many of them will enjoy and love it! (:


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