Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Once Again, GONG XI FA CAI!
(no ang pows though)

By misteryeo

Here are 3 announcements cum reminders:

1. Registration of Aspiring Singers & Enthusiastic Emcees

UPDATED: This continues next week from 21 (Wednesday) to 27 (Tuesday) February 2007. Look out for our Registration Booth set up at the canteen near the General Office.

2. Submission of Registration Forms

UPDATED: All aspiring singers and enthusiastic emcees are reminded to submit their forms to any Publicist (there are 10 of them) by Thursday, 29 February 2007. All Publicists can be identified by their orange lanyards and accreditation passes. Please refrain from submitting your forms to any of the Teachers-in-Charge, because we have assigned the Publicists to handle the registration process.

Late submissions will not be entertained.

3. Preparation for the 1st Round of Auditions (or Elimination)

All registered singers and emcees will face the uh axe this term in Week 10.

Every singer will perform an English or a Mandarin song of his/her choice without musicial accompaniment, while every emcee does the following:

(a) "introduce a singer or band of their choice onstage",
(b) "conduct a short interview with the performer/s", and
(c) "thank the performer/s at the end of the performance".

Both groups of students will also answer a couple of questions before or after (it really depends on the judge/s) their performances.


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