Sunday, April 15, 2007

HI Idol Logo & Set Design Competition
The Top 3 Entries.

Words by hey2oot & teenagetragedy33
Photos by bluefreakgirl & misteryeo

idolise presents a much belated (better late than never?) showcase of the Top 3 entries of the HI Idol Logo & Set Design Competition held in January 2007.

Readers, you are probably well acquainted with our official logo:

However, you probably don't know it faced stiff competition from two other entries.

Liang Yap, Ming Hui, Lenson & Hui Joo (From left to right)

The logo submitted by Lenson Sim, Ng Hui Joo and Zheng Ming Hui from 3 Integrity was created using Gimp Version 2.2. The group specifically chose colors that represented the four houses (Blue Eagles, Green Hawks, Red Kites and Yellow Falcons) of our school, hence their logo is bright and pleasing to the eye. A variety of fonts, brushes and rendering processes were brought into play.

The trio's logo design

However, this design failed to "catch the eyes" of the judges, Mr. Rizal and Ms. Jacqueline Nai. We think it is partly because they found its guitar motif potentially misleading. After all, HI Idol isn't a competition that requires singers to play musical instruments. That point aside, the logo is supposed to take the form of a banner hung way above stage level, so it is quite visible when viewed from a distance. Indeed, this trio deserves much commendation for its original ideas and hard work.

Budding designers, next up is a logo that illustrates what we consider "split-second inspiration". Liang Yap's design is compact and creative, with a microphone cleverly positioned between "HI" and "Idol".

Liang Yap's logo design

The colors used are blue and white, which compliments the school. Although the logo looks simple, it exudes charm and grace. Praiseworthy.


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