Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Amazing Spiderman Quiz
Kindly brought to you by the HI Idol Media Team

Words by dreadnought18 & massiffx

In support of HI Idol Music Fiesta, we are organising a short but challenging competition (there is a PRIZE involved, of course!) based on the latest box-office hit, Spiderman 3. Here is a preview of the questions:

1) Who was the man who killed Peter Parker's uncle?

a) Harry Osborne
b) George Stacy
c) Flint Marko
d) J. Jonah Jameson

2) What is the colour of the suit that Spiderman wore when he took on the Sandman for the first time?

a) Red and Blue
b) Green
c) Red and White
d) Black

3) What kind of energy weakens the alien symbiote on the black Spiderman suit?

a) Heat waves
b) Frost waves
c) Sound waves
d) Shock waves

4) Name the villain that appeared in Spiderman 3

a) Lizard
b) Mysterio
c) Green Goblin
d) Doctor Octopus

5) What was Spiderman given when he appeared at his awards ceremony?

a) The Key to the City
b) The Key to the Bank
c) The Black Spiderman suit
d) His Wedding Ring

6) What did the reason Sandman give for his crimes?

a) He wanted money for world domination.
b) He wanted to give some money to his mother.
c) He wanted money to pay for his daughter's medical treatment.
d) He wanted money to buy a new car.

7) Who killed Harry Osborne?

a) Spiderman
b) Venom
c) Mary Jane Watson
d) Sandman


We gave away 2 copies of the Spiderman 3 OST to Sean Ng from 4 Hope and Jian Zheyue of 5 Joy during HI Idol Music Fiesta. Happy listening guys!

So yes, this competition is now closed.