Sunday, June 24, 2007

Music Fiesta Photos up!
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Words by misteryeo

In the words of our Webmaster Shing To:

143 photographs shot by Mr. Lai Mun Guan during the HI Idol Music Fiesta are now hosted in the Gallery (in their full 2000~3000 x 2000~3000 dimensions), compressed by me from 5MB 99Q JPEG to 1MB 80Q JPEG format. Most of them still have their EXIF meta data intact, so you'll know which camera is used by Mr. Lai and the settings he used to take the pictures.

Furthermore with the Coppermine Gallery software, you can view online slideshows of all the photos without downloading all of them! Rate the photos or even comment them! Yes, I know the photos maybe available elsewhere, but you have access to more data and features in our Gallery, exclusive to our Community Members!

The photos in our Gallery are in their original (high) resolution sizes. The ones in the School Album are much smaller. Click on the photos to enlarge them!

O n e h u n d r e d a n d f o r t y - t h r e e photos, including those with Malcolmie in them, heh.

In addition, 6 exclusive HI Idol MSN Messenger Display Pictures are available for download too. Click here for more details.

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