Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Test Of Fame, Or Talent?

Words by teenagetragedy33

One HI Idol. Selected by the masses of HIHS. Selected for his or her singing talents. Or is it?

Is HI Idol really a singing contest, or is it a popularity contest? Does the deciding power, the students, really base their votes on the contestant's singing? Or do they vote based on the contestant's looks?

It is an issue that transcends the contest. While the supposed main objective of the contest is the voices of the contestants, we all know that it is not the case. Take Singapore Idol, or the Project Superstar as an example. All four winners are male. While that may be attributed to their singing prowess, certainly there are also other reasons. There is actually only one simple reason.

In a contest of popularity, certainly the females would vote more. It is obvious in the trend today, that females tend to idolize their male counterparts more than their female ones. It is an undeniable fact, and the results reflect that. So if the contest is really all about looks and popularity, what does it mean?

It means that those shy, average looking students would be at a clear disadvantage. If popularity wins votes, wouldn't it mean those students who have talent in singing, but are generally unnoticed, would have a much harder time than those who are popular, who may not be as talented? Wouldn't it contribute more to the possible inferior mindset of those "average and unnoticed" students?

But isn't the contest meant to showcase the students' singing talent, to build up their self-confidence, and to allow them to gain experience which would be otherwise impossible to learn, from any textbook?

Then again, like a coin, there are always two sides to a problem. While the objectives of the contest may have been grayed and blurred, the contest also exposes the contestants to the workings of the real world, the society they will inevitably end up in. The world where talent alone would not help one to survive. They would definitely have to learn to garner interpersonal skills and learn to improve their EQ, which, isn't quite a bad thing.

As an audience, and also part of the student body, I feel that while the contest may be one of popularity and looks, Students, should definitely vote wisely. After all, it is and always will be, a singing contest.

So vote wisely, and vote carefully.


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