Sunday, June 24, 2007

When HIHS meets LWSSOM

Words by ameliaswee

Before leaving for Lee Wei Song School of Music, the Top 10 Finalists were asked to pose for candid group photos just outside the General Office in stylish clothes. Mr Shahrom was the photographer for the day.

Then we began our journey from HIHS to LWSSOM on a chartered bus, where I interviewed some Finalists on their feelings about the workshop to come.


Question 1: How do you feel about visiting LWSSOM?

"I feel excited & anxious. I hope to learn a lot there."–Hao Lin, 5 Faith

"I feel excited & am looking forward to it. I'm happy to have gotten this opportunity." - Camille, 5 Faith

"I feel excited & a little nervous .I don't know what to expect."–Nicholas, 4 Diligence

"I feel nervous & excited. I feel that the most important thing is to gain more experience, not win the competition." - Ting Ya, 1 Sincerity

"I feel excited & nervous. I hope to meet Lee Wei Song in person!"–Grace, 4 Humility

"I hope to gain more knowledge on how to perform onstage from this workshop."–Wei Qi, 4 Humility

Question 2: What do you hope to gain from this workshop?

"An improvement to my singing skills, and hopefully deeper friendships with the other Finalists."- Emily, 2 Joy

"New experiences & more vocal training."- Sulasteri, 3 Faith

"More experience in singing. And FUN!" - Dorothy, 2 Joy

"Knowledge on how to use my diaphragm better."–Linda, 5 Joy


It seems like the atmosphere in the bus was charged with the Finalists' enthusiasm & excitement!

Here is what Ms Tan Bee Choo has to say: "Basically, we hope that they will further develop their stage presence & learn to choose suitable songs for their respective performances during the Grand Finals. It is great for them to attend formal vocal lessons. If they want to pursue their interest in singing, they must learn to sing better."

Upon arriving at LWSSOM, we were warmly greeted by Zhen Liang, who brought us around the school. It has 3 classrooms equipped with professional equipment, 4 classy recording studios and a dance studio. The tour left everyone in awe.

After which, the Finalists were divided into 2 groups, which meant 5 persons per group/classroom. To warm up their voices, they began with lip drills, which left everyone laughing shyly. Then they were asked to face a mirror and hum according to the notes played by a main instructor on the keyboard.

The third thing the Finalists did was singing progressively higher, pitch-wise. Subsequently, they were posed questions about their personalities and usual choice of songs before taking turns to sing excerpts of their songs in front of the mirror. This activity was meant to boost their self-confidence. The main instructor also advised them to make connections between song lyrics to their lives as well as sing with conviction. In addition, other instructors taught them how to sing with emotion and some simple dance moves.

Every Finalist received an opportunity to sing his or her song with musical accompaniment when the time came for both groups to come together. The movable wall separating both classroom was retracted; both classrooms became one. Grace was the first to start the ball rolling with a beautiful rendition of 我要快乐 by Taiwanese singer, Zhang Hui Mei. Wei Qi was up next. She sang 七十二变 by Jolin Tsai and amazed everyone with wondrous moves - definitely GROOVY! The instructors shared their comments after every performance and gave everyone tips.

At the end of the workshop, Mr Lee Wei Song entered the combined classroom! The finalists were absolutely delighted and screamed with joy. All of us took pictures with him. He even requested his assistant to take a group photo of us together with him, so that he could frame it up in his school! He also revealed that he was a member of two CCAs, Scouts and YCS, when he was a student of HIHS.

We left the school content and satisfied. I'm sure the Finalists gained lots of experience and honed their vocal skills! To end this entry, I will quote what Mr Lee told us before he bid us goodbye: "圣婴万岁! (Victory to Holy Innocents' High School!)"


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