Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Top 10 Unveiled.
The process in words.

Words by ameliaswee
Photos by Mr. Lai

There we have it, the Top 1o Finalists!

On 27 April, the school unveiled the Top 10 Finalists in the packed school hall. The Assembly Programme was hosted by Bryan and Xin Hui from 4 Humility. It kicked off with a treat for everyone: a behind-the-scenes "MV" created by Andrew from 4 Faith:

The aspiring singers and judges shared the limelight in the next 2 videos that followed. I was quite disappointed when I heard Mr. Maran emphasise the importance of choosing "the right song". This means that some singers chose songs that did not bring out the best of their vocal abilities.

That moment eventually came. Bryan and Xin Hui began to introduce the Finalists; the whole school listened quietly for every name. After a name was announced, the corresponding Finalist rose from wherever he or she was sitting and joined the emcees onstage. Every Finalist received cheers of encouragement and shouts of excitement as he or she walked down the centre aisle towards the stage.

Unfortunately, most Finalists appeared to be rather shy during their respective Question & Answer sessions with the emcees. However, when asked to sing in front of the school, they did so with much charisma and confidence! Every song ended with applause and roars of approval, underlining the huge amount of support that the Finalists were receiving from the school.


She's the one in the middle.

After the Assembly Programme, I spoke to Camille Tan from 5 Faith (who is also the founder and chairman of the school's Mass Choir) to find out how she felt when she was onstage. "I was very nervous. I had a sore throat, so I didn't think I couldn't make it. I was trying my best not to cough and ended up not delivering the song well," she said. Have more confidence in yourself, Camille!

When interviewed for her feelings on the Assembly Programme, veteran teacher Ms. Laura Lim's response was: "It was interesting and enjoyable. The singers' vocals are pretty strong and most of them are able to carry a tune. But one cannot really demonstrate his or her full talent simply by singing a part of a song."

I then asked if she had any inspiring words for the Finalists. "If they really like singing, continue to do so as a hobby or try to carve a career out of it! Our former students Pierre Png and Chew Chor Meng have unleashed their talents and are successful actors now. Lee Wei Song also has a music school of his own too! So I believe there are more hidden talents in our student population," she replied. Words that are very true, as a matter of fact!

Enthusiastic? Or not?

Sadly, Serene Ng from 2 Integrity felt that the school's overall response can improve: "Our students were not enthusiastic at all!" The bubbly student also said, "Some of the Finalists have very nice vocals! Do your best everyone! If you really want to come in Top 3, go for it!"


Here is support for the Finalists from more students and teachers:

Mrs. Chang Poh Joo: "Remember, even if you do not win the competition, your personal journey still counts."

Mr. Gary Tan (he was working on a student's work piece in the Design & Technology Workshop when I approached him): "Strive for the best. Have confidence in what you do."

Matilda Lim from 1 Joy: "Good luck and all very best!"

Amelia Swee from 2 Integrity (that's me!): "I hope you will give your best and may the entire event be a great experience for you!"


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