Friday, June 29, 2007

The Finals Countdown
From 10 to 1

Words by misteryeo

10 Finalists: Grace, Wei Qi, Emily, Linda, Dorothy, Ting Ya, Hao Lin, Sulasteri, Camille & Nicholas

9 Teachers: Ms. Agnes Chin, Mr. Elamaran, Ms. Jacqueline Nai, Ms. Jill Lee, Mr. Lai Mun Guan, Mrs. Maria Goh, Mr. Raymond Yeo, Mr. Shahrom & Ms. Tan Bee Choo

8 types of Student Event Leaders (close to 100 of them in total): Adminstrator, Backstage Crew, Blogger, Creative, Emcee, Presiding Officer (Voting Station), Publicist & Techie

7 hours of rehearsals before the Finals: Over 2 days, 18 & 23 June 2007, School Hall

6 aspects of HI Idol's web operations: Blog, Email, Community, Gallery, Windows Live Messenger & YouTube Channel

5 hours of customised training received by the Finalists: 1 to 6pm, 11 June 2007, Lee Wei Song School of Music

4 Judges: Mrs. Geraldine Tay, Mr. Elamaran, Ms. Christina Michaels & our Alumnus Mr. Lee Wei Song

3 Sponsors: Holy Innocents' Old Students' Association, Lee Wei Song School of Music & Fox Fashion

2 Rounds of Auditions/Elimination: Over 3 days in Semester 1, 80 students, School Library

And last but not least



At June 29, 2007 at 11:36 PM , Blogger Peisi said...

a very big congratulations to SULASTERI!!!

hey hey mr yeo do you mind putting her pic up? maybe some introduction of her like which class? and her feelings after being topped the HI idol. and of course some of the pics took during the finals? i've already missed the final that day and i really hope there's some pics here for me to share the excitement of the day. haha.

very great congratulations to the big winner and the finalist. to those who didnt got first, dun feel sad, it's already a very great achievement being able to come that far. should feel proud about that.

and keep it up everyone!!!

looking forward to the next season of the HI idol. will there be anymore in the near future?


At July 2, 2007 at 11:16 PM , Blogger misteryeo said...

Hi Peisi

Do look out for an exclusive video interview with Sulasteri in the weeks to come. :D

In the meantime, support us by registering to become a member of the HI Idol Community:

Last but not least, keep your fingers crossed for HI Idol 2009. ;)


Mr. Yeo


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