Monday, January 29, 2007

HI Idol: The Gateway to be Different

By hey2oot

There are times when we feel like we are just a brick in the wall, bearing little significance. Bound by cement and just like any other brick, we long for an avenue to express ourselves; to have our individual talents recognised.

HIHS is organising a talent feature programme, HI Idol, in which students gifted in singing and performing are encouraged to take part. Mounting the stage, to many, represents harsh fluorescent lighting beating down on the body that is fast diffusing into the atmosphere at the very same time! However, Anne Neo from 2 Charity begs to differ. "To me, it is a form of communication with the audience" was her explanation of what a stage performance meant to her.

So what else do the rest have to say about HI Idol? Is this competition beneficial to us, an event to be enjoyed by all? Or will it simply bring to mind what some would call "exposing the harrowing elements of secondary school life"? A few opted for neutrality. Many others developed a more opinionated complex. One believes that it presents students a chance to "realise their potential and shine".

Having said all that, perhaps HI Idol is not just a showcase of talents? Perhaps it is meant to remind us that we are all different in our own unique ways? Perhaps it is meant to instil in us the need for a greater appreciation of the performing arts?

Perhaps it is meant to help us come to a realisation that we are more than just a brick in the wall.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Remember them?

By misteryeo


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Beneath HI Idol 2007

By teenagetragedy93

Music is a passion for many. Sadly, most passions will just remain as fantasies, not meant to be fulfilled. But HIHS will give a chance to those who wish to fulfil their dreams of being on stage and performing for a "live" audience. And that's where HI Idol 2007 comes into place! HI Idol has the basic fundamentals of a singing competition. By far, it is one of the most well-funded events ever held in the school. Quite a few teachers and students are involved in this event, which tentatively will be held on 20 July.

What's more, there is also a separate competition for students who wish to design the official logo as well as set for the Finals. The winning entry would bring great satisfaction to the person or team behind it.

When asked if HI Idol would benefit the student body, Lena Ng from 2 Humility gave a "no" as her answer. Her reason? Students might neglect their studies, especially if they had to prepare for auditions. However, Clarissa Thin from 2 Charity begs to differ. She thinks HI Idol is something students should look forward to, because school isn't just about textbooks and studying. And when asked what some of the qualities the winner of HI Idol 2007 should possess are, many seem to agree on the following 3: A positive attitude, a good sense of humour, and definitely an excellent voice.

So stay tuned, because HIHS will be crowning its first ever HI Idol soon. (:

I Love JoJo!

By misteryeo

JoJo's 16 this year.

Too Little Too Late, from The High Road

Leave (Get Out), from JoJo

If you haven't heard of her, you should have a listen. Although some of her songs are kinda grown-up (to be sung and interpreted by a person her age), she sure can sing. RESPECT. :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

By misteryeo

First of all, here are the URLs to the images of a higher resolution I promised some of you:

Happy designing! :D

Next, I'd like to take this opportunity to dispell 3 myths I have heard about HI Idol 2007.

Myth #1: "The closing date for HI Idol 2007 is 22 January 2007."

Not really? Now, 22 January 2007 is the last day of application and submission for the HI Idol 2007 Logo & Set Design Competition (read the previous blog entry carefully), NOT the main competition involving aspiring singers. The HI Idol Student Media Team (a pretty talented group of students I am working with) will announce the winner/s of the Logo & Set Design Competition BEFORE it releases more information about the main competition.

Myth #2: "HI Idol 2007 is a singing competition with a Group/Band category."

No... It is not. HI Idol 2007 is quite UNLIKE Superband 2006 (Ooooh, I love Qi:Nobe!), and follows a format that is more similar to Singapore Idol & Project Superstar. Stay tune to more information about the format!

Myth #3: "The organisers of HI Idol 2007 has signed up all the competitors/contestants/participants/singers it needs."

Uh, how can this be possible, especially when we have yet to announce the registration process? -_-"

My conclusion: I understand that quite a few of you are really keen to hit the stage and unleash your talents. Rest assured that your time will come! Besides, many people (thank you bibs & old head!) are currently busy working behind the scenes to make this unique event happen.

Therefore, I would advise you and everyone else interested in HI Idol 2007 to remain patient and await more official announcements. (:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How about joining the HI Idol 2007 Logo & Set Design Competition?

Words by massiffx
Photos by dreadnought18

Feeling bored? Or that your works of art are being neglected? Having ideas stored in your mind but just totally unappreciated? Well then, here's your best chance to prove your worth and get recognised! People who have a penchant for designing and creating stuff should definitely sign up for the HI Idol Logo & Set Design Competition! Give yourselves a challenge and pit yourselves against other creative designers!

So what about the qualifications? Anyone from HIHS is welcome to join this unique competition that is available in only our school! You can approach Ms. Jacqueline Nai to pick up a copy of the official application form. Alternatively, you may also choose to approach Ms. Jill Lee. Participation in this competition as an individual is not compulsory. Entering as a group will also be a feasible choice! This means double the fun and excitement!

All you have to do is fill up the form with your or your team's particulars, attach your A4-size proposal and hand it in to either one of the teachers mentioned above! However, please be well aware of the rules stated on the forms before handing in your proposal. Any violation of the rules will result in disqualification. All entries are to be handed in by 22 January 2007 (this is the last day of application and submission), and decisions made by the judges will be final.

And yes, get more of your friends and classmates to add to their MSN Messenger Contacts List. You'll be informed of what's up and happening on HI Idol. So what are you waiting for? Join our mailing list now!