Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Judges Speak. [Updated, Once Again!]

Words by misteryeo

Listen out for pearls of wisdom, heh.

And NO OFFENCE to all fans of Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Broadway and choral music, okay? Please take some of Mr. Maran's comments with a pinch of salt (and sugar too, if necessary).


Auditions, Round 2
2 - 6pm, Wednesday, 4 April 2007
The Library

The Nitty-Gritty

Every singer is expected to sing a song of his/her choice without musicial accompaniment and the use of lyric sheets.

He/she should be ready to sing a part of the School Creed as well as another song when requested by the judges to do so.

Singers will not be given any comments by the judges.

The TOP 10 List will be announced to the school on 27 April 2007.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Taste of...80s Pop!

Words by misteryeo

Big hair (the men too), jacket & synthesizer galore!

PoP! Goes My Heart by PoP!

Take On Me by a-ha

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Taking Our First Step Towards Success
HI Idol's first briefing for aspiring singers

Words & photos by kyla & attitude-pr

The response to the first Briefing for Aspiring HI Idols held on 1 March 2007 was fantastic. Many turned up, including some Secondary 4 students who had to attend extra classes after school. They were ushered into AVA Room 1 by the Publicists. To our surprise, everyone settled down quickly and kept their voices down. From the smiles on the students' faces, it was evident that they were excited to hear what Mr. Raymond Yeo had to say about the singing competition.

Mr. Yeo mainly touched on how a typical singer's first audition would unfold, and how singers should behave during their auditions. The overall tidiness of a singer was greatly emphasized. Singers were permitted to bring lyric sheets along with them into the audition room. However, it was made clear that they would be better off without it.

Now, Mr. Yeo was not the only one doing all the talking; students too were heard popping questions. An Upper Secondary boy asked, "Mr. Maran is one of the judges. Would singers performing Mandarin songs be at a disadvantage?" The reply was a curt "No". Like many in the audience, we were surprised when it was revealed that Mr Maran understood basic Chinese.

Now that the line-up for the second round of auditions has been published, let us pray that the 42 survivors won't allow any ill feelings to affect their upcoming performances. Best of luck, everyone!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Official Launch Of HI Idol 2007

Words by dreadnought18
Photos by massiffx

dreadnought18 relives the Official Launch of HI Idol 2007.

The launch was a huge success. Campus Superstar 2006 judge Mr. Peter Tan graced the event. Held in the school hall full of enthusiastic students, the air charged with excitement. After all, we seldom get to see performances as good as what was lined up on l6 February 2007.

The dancers of the HIHS Modern Dance Club kicked things off synchronized and dazzling hip-hop moves, which drew louder cheers. The cheers turned into applause when the emcees for the day, Justin (4 Diligence '07), Joan and Xinhui (both from 4 Humility '07) took the stage. Infected by the enthusiasm of the emcees, everyone was also getting his or her groove on.

That's him! :)

The emcees' introduction of Mr. Tan, affectionately addressed as "Peter Lao Shi", was accompanied by whistles. He has released his latest album 萬語千言 recently, which can be still purchased from Ms. Jacqueline Nai at SGD$15. More importantly, he came to HIHS to help launch HI Idol 2007!

Mr. Tan serenaded the audience with his melodious voice, prompting some students to wave their hands in the air and others to clap along. Midway through his second song, he received a bouquet of flowers from three admirers.

All in all, Mr. Tan's repertoire of songs - English, Chinese & Tamil - was impressive, and his ability to pull off a Michael Buble left us awestruck. Many of us were clearly enjoying ourselves. After Stefanie Sun's 眼神, he offered aspiring singers some insightful advice before leaving the stage. His words of encouragement would have left a deep impression on most of them. It was the best way to wrap up his enjoyable concert, surely.

HI Idol 2007 looks to be on the road to success.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The survivors.

By misteryeo

Yes, it's 42.

Not 30.

25 Female Singers

Jacqueline Goh :: Ang Ting Ya :: Stephanie Lee :: Debra Thang :: Shirley Tay :: Michelle Foo :: Dorothy Yeo :: Emily Dale Pang :: Milissa Quek :: Seren Lim :: Chen Jing Si :: Ernawati Sulasteri :: Lee Puay Siang :: Yeo Hui Wen :: Foo Wei Qi :: Grace Lim :: Amanda Li :: Lee Xin Yi :: Mary Evangeline Lin :: Vivian Poh :: Chua Wei Ling :: Camille Tan :: Noel Tan :: Linda Ng :: Yong Sook Yen

17 Male Singers

Brian Bong :: Edwin Quek :: Ryan Leong :: Lei Bin :: Zeng Hui :: Lim Chun Wee :: Soh Yi Peng :: Wilfred Yap :: Nicholas Lim :: Sean Lim :: August Ong :: Tan Wei Liang :: Oliver Lau :: Fong Zhi Xiang :: Leslie Michael Braberry :: Koh Hao Lin :: Kwek Rui Kiat

3 points.

- 42 means...42. The judges' decision is final, and they have done what they think is best for the singers and competition.

- Some Wildcards DID get through. :)

- The fact that 42 got through doesn't mean HI Idol is necessarily an unfair competition. But it definitely means it is going to be quite a competitive competition. The judges will leave 10 singers "standing" after the next round of auditions.

And not forgetting the...


Abigail Tan :: Alvin Ng :: Anne Marie Chua :: Andi :: Bryan Toh :: Michelle Leong :: Wayne Yeo


Thursday, March 1, 2007

[Updated!] Auditions, Round 1
(things are heating up)

By misteryeo

2.30 - 3pm, Thursday, 1 March 2007

> Briefing and Q&A for all Aspiring Singers at AVA Room 1 <

> Briefing and Q&A for all Enthusiastic Emcees at the Space <

Not to worry, both events are not compulsory. Students who decide not to or are unable to attend either event can keep themselves updated by following this weblog.

4 - 6pm, Monday, 5 March 2007

> 1st Round of Auditions (Day 1) for Singers at the Library <

UPDATED! The judges for this round are Miss Jill Lee & Mr Maran. Singers are expected to come prepared to sing either an English or Mandarin song. For your information, it has been decided that Mrs Geraldine Tay will join Miss Lee and Mr Maran for the 2nd Round of Auditions.

Both judges will assess the singers in these qualities: (a) Vocal Quality, (b) Pitch, (c) Sense of Rhythm & (d) Presentation. They DO NOT require the singers to (i) remember all the lines (they can sing with the help of lyric sheets), (ii) sing the entire song (they will stop singing when asked to do so by the judges) and (iii) sing from the song from the 1st line (they can decide the starting point of their performances).

The judges also have appealed for calmness and composure from the singers who will stand and sing before them.

Last but not least, the judges will announce their joint verdict at the end of every audition. The verdict is either (a) "Yes, you are through to the next round!" or (b) "You're a Wildcard. Await the Final Results, which will be announced on 8 March 2007, and continue to believe in yourself!"

3 - 4.30pm, Wednesday, 7 March 2007

> 1st Round of Auditions (Day 2) for Singers at the Library <

IMPORTANT!! 7 March 2007 is the last day of auditions. THE TOP 30 LIST WILL BE ANNOUNCED HERE AT 1800 HRS ON 8 MARCH 2007. So stay tuned at idolise.

2.30 - 4.30pm, Wednesday, 7 March 2007

> The ONLY Round of Auditions for Emcees [Assembly Point: General Office] <

Justin Koh (4 Diligence '07), Joan & Xinhui (both from 4 Humility '07) form the panel of judges. All emcees will use microphones during their auditions. The judges will assess the emcees in these qualities: (a) Vocal Quality, (b) Stage Confidence & (c) Spontenity.