Monday, February 26, 2007

60 aspiring singers...and counting!
(but a happy headache for the Media Team)

By misteryeo

More registered singers mean more work for everyone in the HI Idol Media Team. (:

1. Registration of Aspiring Singers & Enthusiastic Emcees

This ends on 27 (Tuesday) February 2007, period.

2. Submission of Registration Forms

All aspiring singers and enthusiastic emcees are reminded to submit their forms to any Publicist (there are now 14 of them) by Thursday, 1 March 2007. All Publicists can be identified by their orange lanyards and accreditation passes.

Late submissions aren't uh amusing. :/

3. Auditions (Elimination?!): Key Information

Refer to the next entry!

I Love Stephanie Sun (孙燕姿) !!!

By massiffx

遇見 from The Moment released in 2003

奔 from Stephanie released in 2004

Singapore is proud to be home to Stefanie Sun, one of its most critically-acclaimed singers ever. Beating established singers such as Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai, Sun has won over 33 awards and other accolades to date. The song 遇見, which was both composed and sung by Stefanie, was chosen to be the theme song of Turn Left, Turn Right, also known as 向左走, 向右走.

Having "poured" much emotion into every song of hers, it is no wonder that Stefanie has won over the hearts of many Mandopop fans around the world.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Words by tzejie
Photos by misteryeo & fiona92_lin

Some teachers and students came together for a musical bonanza on Saint Valentine's Day. Love is the very essence of this special day. Add live music, a supportive audience...and what's the result? A total rock-romantic fest. In short, it was an awesome experience. The performers, their music and enthusiasm - everything was perfect.

THE VERY SIMPLE VALENTINE'S DAY CONCERT kicked started at 3.15pm at The Space, and the band of teachers led by Mr. Eugene Tan was greeted with a warm round of applause. Things began to heat up once Mr. Tan showcased his melodic vocals. The band mesmerised the audience with their unique blend of love songs.

Next up were 3 former students who kept everyone on the edge of their seats with breakdancing skills.

The audience was then entertained by classical musicians from 3 Integrity '07. This group of talented young musicians performed My Heart Will Go On, the theme song of the popular love movie Titanic.

Last but not least, lead singer Mr. Raymond Yeo came onstage with the other talented members of Rubberband. Out of the four songs it performed, my personal favourite is Blink 182's I Miss You. I am sure many in the crowd were blown away by it too. In my opinion, this song was one with heart and soul.

All in all, the concert was a colossal blast. Music fans cheered on till the end, and I must admit that this concert is undeniably the best one held in the school so far this year. It was definitely a treat for all and worth all the anticipation.


The Teachers' Band

Mr. Eugene Tan - lead guitar & vox
Mr. Jerome Seow - rhythm guitar
Mr. Suhaimi - bass
Mr. Maran - drums
Mr. Lai - harmonica
Mr. Raymond Yeo - vox

HIHS 'Alumni' B-boys

Huang Yu Xuan
Nicholas Wong
Phua Zheng Hong

3 Integrity '07 Classical Musicians

Chee Hock - piano
Ming Hui - guitar
Mu-Chen - violin

HI Idol 2007 Official Registration: Day 1

Words by kyla & attitude-pr
Photos by massiffx

Publicists Malvina (left) & Jolyn attend to visitors to the Registration Booth

Friends look on as another 'victim' falls for the 'scam'

The Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations took place in school 2 Fridays ago. However, that wasn't the only major event of 16 February. Another that many students of HIHS were looking forward to took place that particular day - The registration of singers for HI Idol 2007!

The Registration Booth set up at the Parade Square attracted the attention of many. Be it Lower Secondary or Upper Secondary students, everyone were very enthusiastic about this event. Curious onlookers were also spotted in the vicinity.

Many who visited the booth comprised interested singers who thought they have potential to become the new HI Idol and came to register for the singing competition. However, the registration process didn't just stop at aspiring singers. Emcees were also registered to host upcoming HI Idol related events. In a nutshell, the response from everyone was simply overwhelming!

Mr. Peter Tan, a famous music teacher who has groomed many talented singers such as Stefani Sun and served as one of the judges for Campus Superstar 2006, performed in the hall later that day. He sung 3 melodious songs, 2 from his latest album, which had everyone clapping away and cheering him on. After his amazing performance, we feel that students of HIHS are now more enthusiastic about HI Idol than ever before.

Mr. Tan's newest album 萬語千言 can be purchased from any Publicist for an amazing price of $15 (it retails for $16.50 or above in major music stores). Don't miss this golden chance and show your support by purchasing his album now!

Lastly, here's a message to all aspiring singers and enthusiastic emcees: Please remember to submit your forms to any Publicist by Monday, 26th February! Best of luck to everyone! (:

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Once Again, GONG XI FA CAI!
(no ang pows though)

By misteryeo

Here are 3 announcements cum reminders:

1. Registration of Aspiring Singers & Enthusiastic Emcees

UPDATED: This continues next week from 21 (Wednesday) to 27 (Tuesday) February 2007. Look out for our Registration Booth set up at the canteen near the General Office.

2. Submission of Registration Forms

UPDATED: All aspiring singers and enthusiastic emcees are reminded to submit their forms to any Publicist (there are 10 of them) by Thursday, 29 February 2007. All Publicists can be identified by their orange lanyards and accreditation passes. Please refrain from submitting your forms to any of the Teachers-in-Charge, because we have assigned the Publicists to handle the registration process.

Late submissions will not be entertained.

3. Preparation for the 1st Round of Auditions (or Elimination)

All registered singers and emcees will face the uh axe this term in Week 10.

Every singer will perform an English or a Mandarin song of his/her choice without musicial accompaniment, while every emcee does the following:

(a) "introduce a singer or band of their choice onstage",
(b) "conduct a short interview with the performer/s", and
(c) "thank the performer/s at the end of the performance".

Both groups of students will also answer a couple of questions before or after (it really depends on the judge/s) their performances.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The HI Idol YouTube Channel is in Transmission
(with some help from Rubberband)

By misteryeo

On behalf of my band members as well as everyone in the HI Idol Media Team, I wish all readers a HAPPY CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR! Now for the New Year "goodies" I have specially "prepared" for you...

In the last item of THE VERY SIMPLE VALENTINE'S DAY CONCERT, Rubberband pays tribute to the now-defunct rock band Pug Jelly with its rendition of Come Home Soon:

Rubberband is:

Malcom - lead guitar
Minghui (mh) - rhythm guitar
Dion - bass
Lun Tat - drums
Mr. Yeo - vox
JoJo - vox

"Tell us how you feel about our sound! We hope to come home soon (school) to play more music." - Rubberband

For the uninitiated, THE VERY SIMPLE VALENTINE'S DAY CONCERT is a fringe event of HI Idol. To view more videos hosted on The HI Idol YouTube Channel, click here.

And yes, special thanks goes out to Fiona of 3 Integrity '07, who shot all 3 Rubberband videos without using a tripod. You persisted; you rock!!

Last but not least, look forward to HIHS: SCHOOL OF RAWK!!, a 3-hour long post-examination concert held in late May at The Space. It should feature rock bands, classical musicians, breakdancers, Top 10 HI Idol Finalists and more!

Now We Have It Too - HI Idol

By kyla & attitude-pr

America has American Idol, the singing competition that has groomed many talents such as Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia, whose stars have all risen to astounding heights.

Singapore has Singapore Idol, which has also uncovered talents such as Taufik Batisah and Hady Mirza.

And now, Holy Innocents' High School too has one - HI Idol - for pupils with great singing talent. Being new and fresh to everyone in school, HI Idol, has caused quite a stir. Everyone has an opinion of this competition, be it bad or good. For this entry, we obtained the opinions of several students and teachers.

Ms Chong Yong Shing was all thumbs-up when asked about how she feels about HI Idol:

"I am very excited. I want to hear for myself the singing talents of HI students. I think that the winner of HI Idol will probably be an Upper Secondary boy... But I will definitely support the girls!"

And Ms Jill Lee was ecstatic when interviewed:

"I can't wait for the auditions to begin! I'm really pleased with the amount of money the sponsors has actually pumped in us so far. Upper Secondary students definitely stand a higher chance of winning it...because they're older and probably have more singing experience."

Mrs Chang Poh Joo was more than happy to accept our interview:

"HI Idol sounds fun and interesting! I think an Upper Secondary student will win it. The singer's maturity will be a big factor."

While teachers had only positive things to say about HI Idol, some students begged to differ and offered somewhat negative but constructive comments.

Huang Tai Yang of 2 Humility was excited about the launch of HI Idol! But she wasn't too happy with one thing:

"I want to be able to watch every stage of HI Idol LIVE, instead of just the Grand Finals. In this way, some students who are not interested in HI Idol at first will soon begin to look forward to the next stage. And I think an Upper Secondary boy will win the competition. If not, a Lower Secondary girl."

Ng Yu Jun, who is also from 2 Humility, only had this to say about the future winner of HI Idol.
"I think an Upper Secondary girl will definitely win it!"

Derrick Lim from 1 Integrity seemed confused:

"I don't know... I think HI Idol is good and bad in different ways. An Upper Secondary student will win it? I don't know!"

Although people have different opinions when it comes to HI Idol, we know that in time to come, many of them will enjoy and love it! (:

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Love Ruben Studdard!

By massiffx

Sorry 2004, from Soulful

Change Me, from The Return

After much anticipation, Ruben Studdard finally releases his much anticipated 3rd full-length album, The Return. I personally feel that his songs are soulful and are suitable for all ages. Every song has much meaning to it; how it is to be perceived is left to the listeners to decide. However, will they be enough to revive the flagging career of the well-loved "Velvet Teddy Bear"?

Find out more about him here.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Official Word (According to the Vice-Principal)

Words & photo by massiffx

"Tough" would be the word to describe my interview with Miss Christina Michael, usually addressed by her appointment VP (Vice-Principal). But fortified with perseverance, I finally got through to her after an arduous 'chase' of five days. I find her answers enlightening and constructive. Students who are deciding to sign up for the singing competition should definitely read on.

idolise: Why did the school decide to approve HI Idol 2007?

Miss Michael: It stems from the belief that there are many forms of intelligence - logical, visual, musical, kinesthetic, etc. In school, we often are too focused on certain types of intelligence - we don't devote enough time or resources on developing the other forms of intelligence. We also know we have very talented students in our midst (teachers as well!!)…So why not create an opportunity for students to showcase their musical talents? Hence, its support of HI Idol.

idolise: In what ways does it benefit the student body?

Miss Michael: Why do we always have to idolize pop stars from other parts of the world? Why don't we start by looking within our school for undiscovered talent? The way the event is structured, students with some potential are given training by professionals before their appearances in the Grand Finals. This is thanks to the support of our sponsors, members of the HI Old Students Association.

idolise: Do you think it is worthwhile to sign up for it? Why?

Miss Michael: Even if you have little talent, it's great exposure. Just going through the paces in the various rounds or getting involved in the background work are learning experiences. For the participants, the pressure of performing and training helps build up confidence and composure. Only those who can take the "heat" will shine in the Finals. So everyone involved in the event in some way benefits, not just the winners.

idolise: If you were a student of HIHS, would you do the same? What are your reasons in doing so?

Miss Michael: Unfortunately, I don't have that much talent in singing. During my school days, a few friends and I did go for school-based talent quests though. It was more for the fun of it than anything else. After all, school's not just about books and tests.

idolise: What can we expect from the competition?

Miss Michael: We can expect to see many winners emerge, not just one. We can expect loads of fun, great showmanship, lots of kinship, some glitches, some tears and some frazzled nerves.

idolise: What qualities do you think the winner should possess?

Miss Michael: Oodles and oodles of confidence, a tremendous learning attitude, a dollop of talent, a dash of humility and at the core, an ability to think on the spot. It's probably confidence and composure that will distinguish the winner from the other contestants.

idolise: In your opinion, what do you think is the X-Factor?

Miss Michael: Knowing how to "play to the stands". Being able to understand what the audience want and enjoy, and giving them that and more. It's all about knowing how to win its support.

idolise: Are you excited about HI Idol 2007? What Habits of Mind do you think the contestants will display?

Miss Michael: Of course there's excitement; there's also apprehension that it may be too much work on the part of teachers and organizers. With every step of the way, all Habits of Mind will be practiced.

idolise: What do you have to say to students who are interested in signing up? Any advice?

Miss Michael: Please perform before your friends and family before entering the auditions and listen to their advice. Listen to yourself with honesty - if you think you don't have what it takes, don't be too hard on yourself. For those who do have some talent, use this as an opportunity for learning and development.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

I Love Taufik Batisah!!

By misteryeo

He has come a long way, our 1st Singapore Idol:

This is his latest single, All Because of You, from his 2nd full-length album of the same name:

Be patient when it comes to the video streaming. You can have a listen to some audio clips of the man here at while the videos "load". (:

"More information, please!"

By misteryeo

Quite a few visitors to this blog have indicated that they would like to have more information about the entire event through our first online poll (Are you excited about HI Idol?), so here is some for everyone to chew on:

1. The Result of the HI Idol 2007 Logo & Set Design Competition

UPDATED: The result of this competition will be announced on 16 February, which is also the day our school celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year (CLNY). Our Principal Mrs. Pauline Wong will be presenting the prize to the creator(s) of the winning entry in the morning.

2. Registration of Singers in February

UPDATED: The Publicists of the HI Idol Student Media Team will overseeing the registration of singers at a booth set up (probably near the General Office, venue to be confirmed) on 16 February too, during the CLNY Carnival. Registered singers will be given information about the 1st round of auditions to be held in March. For example:

Every singer will perform an English or a Mandarin song of his/her choice without musicial accompaniment during his/her auditions.

In addition, students who are interested in HI Idol in any way should visit the booth. You are welcome to speak to any Publicist or teacher (including myself) on duty to find out more about the entire event.

The registration of singers does not end on 16 February. Singers can still register for the singing competition at the same booth from 21 to 23 February.

3. Registration of Master-of-Ceremonies (MCs) in February

The Publicists will also be registering students who are keen to host events related to HI Idol, including the 2 rounds of auditions and the Grand Finals, on the same day. Very simply:

MCs host events involving HI Idol contestants and get the crowd working in between performances. Best of all, they get to announce the results of the HI Idol 2007 Grand Finals!

Registered students will given information about the auditions to be held in late February.

Last but not least, do visit the webpage Netiquette @ idolise, if you have yet to do so. Thanks!