Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just do yourself proud for MYE 2007
(Nevermind that extra voting ticket)

Words by misteryeo

On behalf of the entire HI Idol Media Team, I wish all our student readers greater control over Time, lesser irritation by Stress, and equal amounts of quality Rest.

Since examinations are the favour of the month, I will also take this opportunity to introduce the work of Tom Lehrer and RonfarZ3:

RonfarZ3 covers Tom Lehrer's comic song New Math (1965)

RonfarZ3 covers yet another Lehrer song, The Elements (1959)

For your information, Thomas Andrew (Tom) Lehrer (born April 9, 1928) is an American singer-songwriter, satirist, pianist, and mathematician. He used to lecture on mathematics and musical theater. As for RonfarZ3, he is "the guy who gets all the jokes" (according to him).

All the very best, people. ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Mini Preview
...before we unveil the Top Ten on 27 April!

Video by the HI Idol Techie Team

Preview (noun):

Anything that gives an advance idea of something to come.

Techie (noun):

Someone who has an expert knowledge of or is very enthusiastic about technology, usually computers.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Love Avril Lavigne!

Words by teenagetragedy33

My Happy Ending from Under My Skin, released in 2004

Sk8ter Boi from Let Go, released in 2002

Avril Lavigne, critically-acclaimed Punk Pop Princess of the music industry. Known to have a unique style like no other. She captivates the hearts of many with every strum of her guitar strings. Many budding female artistes turn to Avril for inspiration. With the release of her third album The Best Damn Thing, it is almost assured that Avril won't be knocked off her throne anytime soon.

Find out more about Avril Lavigne

HI Idol Logo & Set Design Competition
The Top 3 Entries.

Words by hey2oot & teenagetragedy33
Photos by bluefreakgirl & misteryeo

idolise presents a much belated (better late than never?) showcase of the Top 3 entries of the HI Idol Logo & Set Design Competition held in January 2007.

Readers, you are probably well acquainted with our official logo:

However, you probably don't know it faced stiff competition from two other entries.

Liang Yap, Ming Hui, Lenson & Hui Joo (From left to right)

The logo submitted by Lenson Sim, Ng Hui Joo and Zheng Ming Hui from 3 Integrity was created using Gimp Version 2.2. The group specifically chose colors that represented the four houses (Blue Eagles, Green Hawks, Red Kites and Yellow Falcons) of our school, hence their logo is bright and pleasing to the eye. A variety of fonts, brushes and rendering processes were brought into play.

The trio's logo design

However, this design failed to "catch the eyes" of the judges, Mr. Rizal and Ms. Jacqueline Nai. We think it is partly because they found its guitar motif potentially misleading. After all, HI Idol isn't a competition that requires singers to play musical instruments. That point aside, the logo is supposed to take the form of a banner hung way above stage level, so it is quite visible when viewed from a distance. Indeed, this trio deserves much commendation for its original ideas and hard work.

Budding designers, next up is a logo that illustrates what we consider "split-second inspiration". Liang Yap's design is compact and creative, with a microphone cleverly positioned between "HI" and "Idol".

Liang Yap's logo design

The colors used are blue and white, which compliments the school. Although the logo looks simple, it exudes charm and grace. Praiseworthy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Love OK Go!
The clothes, the dancing, the treadmills!!

Words by misteryeo

Here It Goes Again, from On No

Remember the similar performance involving Chen Li Ping (aka Wan Wan on 荷兰村) on the 2007 Ren Ci Charity Show? Well, OK Go's the real deal! Anyway, if you think the 1st video is amusing (or FAR OUT, depending on who you are), check out the next one:

Do What You Want (Wallpaper Version), from On No

Click here to view the original version of Do What You Want. I love it; it's pretty well-shot too. xD

OKOK, one last video! Here's A Million Ways.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Unleash Your Potential As An Emcee

Words by Tze Jie
Photos by bluefreakgirl

Wit, confidence and articulation. These are some qualities of a good emcee. On 7 March 2007, they were on display during the "hunt" for potential emcees to host various events of our school's very own music extravaganza – HI Idol. Secondary 4 students Joan, Justin and Xinhui served as judges.

The judges enjoying themselves along the way! (:

Out of the other fifteen students who turned were several uncut diamonds. "So unfair, so nervous," giggled bubbly Michelle Leong from 4 Diligence, who was the first to face the judges. Michelle appeared inexperienced, but she sure pulled through with a decent performance. From where I was seated, I could tell that she was trying very hard to stifle all shenanigans and concentrate on her audition. To her credit, she did fairly well.

King of all emcees?

Next up was Andi from 3 Faith. He was very much the "boomer" and perhaps the loudest of them all. Being a "boomer" isn't necessarily a bad thing, but to me it became quite annoying. Well, in my opinion, an emcee need not "boom". Ryan Seacrest is an excellent example. However, Andi still met the judges' expectations – the fluency and power – so hats down to him!

Then came Anne Marie (3 Unity), Jie Ying (3 Humility), Wayne (4 Humility), Issac (3 Faith) on and so forth. Some were clear and precise, whereas others appeared unobtrusive and rather – unfortunately – shy. Folks like Anne Marie were exuberant and responsive to cues supplied by the judges, embodying good emceeing.

I felt some students had faced much fewer setbacks during their respective routines because they were more experienced. Nonetheless, it is still up to the boisterous and encouraging judges to decide who's in and who's...well, obviously not. All in all, everyone did well. So when you think of emceeing in the future, think wit, confidence, articulation...and Holy Innocents' High School.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Him Or Her?

Words & photos by bluefreakgirl

On the eve of the 2nd Round Auditions, idolise presents bluefreakgurl's personal recount of the 1st Round, Day 1:

5 April 2007

A warm hug from a friend. (:

At 2.35pm, I arrived at the School Library. My first reaction was whoa! A long line of students had formed outside the library; they were the aspiring singers were waiting for further instructions. I was ushered into the library as I had my official pass on. Soon, singers began to fill the library. With each singer given a number, they waited anxiously for their turn. One by one, they went in and come out. Some either showed no emotion or smiled. Others simply shrugged and said "Wildcard" when I asked them how their auditions had gone.

Is she your next HI Idol?

One girl was asked to return to the Audition Room by the judges, Ms. Jill Lee and Mr. Maran. She then sang again! Ernawati Sulasteri from 3 Faith was that special girl. Before her audition, she was a nervous wreck. This was what she had to say before her audition: "I feel very nervous but I will do my best." Nervousness did not turn up; Sulasteri sang beautifully.

When interviewed, Nicholas Bong from 1 Hope told me that he had gotten a Wildcard. "I felt nervous before entering the room. Now I'm worried because I'm not sure if I can get in." Others who were given the green light had gleeful words to share. "I was very happy and I was screaming for joy, from the inside." Stephanie Lee of 1 Unity quipped. Well, if you were to scream in the library, you'd get kicked out. ;)

Airil, the A-B-C man.

Of the people who had gotten the Wildcard, one singer stood out from the rest. He was quite satisfied with the verdict from the judges. When asked if he had done a good job, Muhd. Airil of 3 Integrity said, "No, I didn't come prepared. I entered the competition merely to accompany my friend. Beside, I was actually planning to sing the A-B-C song!" The alphabet song?! That can't be true!

Compared to Day 2, the first day was livelier. I poked my nose into many people's business on both days, and left the library tired but happy with the knowledge that Holy Innocent's High School was brimming with singing talent. Before I sign out, I would like to congratulate the singers who got through to Round 2. To those who didn't, don't be discouraged. I'm sure you will realise your true talent someday.

Okay, I have said enough! I will sign out with a favourite tagline of both Ms. Jill Lee and Mr. Maran:

"You have the voice."